“Get to Gold” Day Agenda Overview

Earn 5 Training Credits per course (unless otherwise specified below).

  • Keynote: PC Client Update: Chris Hubbard
    (30 Minutes + 30 Minutes Live Q&A)
  • Windows 10 Security and 6th Generation Intel Core. The Most Secure Combination Ever!
    (60 Minutes)
  • Digital Signage Made Easy!
    (45 Minutes)
  • Healthcare Advocate Series: Why Advanced Security Matters
    (44 minutes)
  • Elevate Your Competitive Advantage With Intel® Technology Provider
    (30 minutes)
  • Accelerate Data Center Performance with PCIe/NVMe Solid State Drives
    (35 Minutes)
  • Technology Video Demo Session
    (60 minutes)
  • Selling the Intel Datacenter Portfolio of Products (Xeon, PCSD, NICs, SSDs)
    (47 minutes)
  • Top 5 Ways To Create Demand for Your Intel Based Solutions
    (60 minutes)
  • Video: Empower Your Customers with Windows 10 + 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors + New Devices
    (47 minutes)
  • Selling Cloud Architecture Solutions
    (44 minutes)
  • Top 3 Technology Solutions You Should Be Showing Your Customer
    (51 minutes)
  • Grow Your Sales with the Intel® Solution Finder (January ITP webinar)
  • Just Launched: New Intel® 6th gen Core NUCs and Compute Sticks. Come See What's New! (January ITP webinar)
  • Just Launched: New Intel® 6th Gen Core vPro CPUs (January ITP webinar)

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